So what are Macarons?

Macarons are colourful, light, small meringue cookies made of almond flour, egg white and sugar. The signature look is a smooth, colourful shell with little ‘“feet” sandwiched by a tasty ganache, buttercream or curd filling.

So what is a MacarOON?

MacarOONs are made with coconut and honey, normally pale brown in colour and have no fillings or different flavours - completely different to a Macaron!


Ok - Can I order MacarOONs from you too?

Nope sorry! We much prefer the colourful tasty variety and we think you will too!

What should a perfect Macaron look like?

Are they gluten and dairy free?

Yes! They’re naturally gluten free and can be dairy free on request.

Eek! How many calories?

Good news! Each macaron is less than 100 calories so much less than a cupcake (at roughly 350 calories each.) It would be rude not to have more!

How do I store them?

Macarons will happily last for roughly a week in the fridge, or a month in the freezer if you can keep them there for long! Just make sure you take them out for at least 10 mins as they are best enjoyed at room temperature.

Are they nut allergy free?

Unfortunately macarons contain ground almonds so will not be suitable for nut allergy sufferers. 

Delivery Details please?

Because macarons are naturally extremely delicate we have to spend a lot of time securely bubble wrapping them to ensure they will arrive in one piece (however there will be some exceptions depending how the courier will handle them). They are also lovingly wrapped in reusable freezer packs to keep them cool during transit which you're free to re-freeze them and use them again at your leisure! Hopefully this will explain why our postage costs are higher than expected. 

For all collection orders in Birmingham there will be no charge however for all orders outside of this area will incur £4.99 delivery. We aim to dispatch your order within 2-3 working days however If you're in a rush don't panic we also offer a next day service if orders are placed before 2pm where we can deliver them to your door for £10.00.

For orders over £35 we will give you complimentary free delivery :)

For birthdays, weddings and large orders please contact us directly.